therapeutic yoga workshop

  • Aanurag Singh
  • March 18 2019
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Therapeutic Yoga Workshop
(For diseases and ailments)

We offer a new wellness program of yoga and other spiritual practices which helps curing and reducing illnesses. Now a days everybody is under stress and because of it they are facing a lot of health issues. Thinking of health issues and diseases/ailments spreading everywhere,we have come up with this program. Which deals with not only your physical health but also rejuvenate your inner self so that the cure is more effective. Yoga helps heal your inner self.

How to take this program ?

Process :
  1. All you need is to send your 2 recent pics and write about the issues related to your health along with your email address for communication. (Send it either through e-mail/WhatsApp).
  2. The energies of your body is assessed distantly to find out the best spiritual/yogic practices for your health issues through intuition and crystal ball gazing .
  3. These solution of your health issues are a combination of asana (Postures), pranayama(breathing techniques), mudras (gestures) and other spiritual/yogic techniques chosen especially for your body constitution.
  4. A time slot is given where demonstration of the suitable practices and consultation.
  5. A soft copy of the methods of the prescribed practices is also sent through an e-mail for your future references. You can continue these practices at your own convenience.Payment is accepted online through online banking and PayPal.
  6. Once we receive your pics and issues related to your health energy body constitution is assessed. This is done by a spiritual therapist through intuition, energy reading and crystal ball gazing. Since the recommended practices are not any random practices but especially chosen for your energy constitution after checking the compatibility for your body energy, it works better and faster for you.

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