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  • Aanurag Singh
  • March 18 2019
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What happens in the program ?

  1. You will ask questions relating to your spiritual journey, meditation or spirituality in general and I will answer your questions.
  2. The answers about any health issues and their yogic solutions will be answered to you. The issues could be physical, mental or spiritual. We'll work together to solve them.
  3. In this program we are offering customized and private yoga sessions accourding to your requirements. Additionally, we also will help you focus on an specific topic or an spiritual technique which will help you heal yourself and give progress into the spiritual realms.
  4. The program is specially designed for people who need individual and detailed attention on specific topic/issue.
  5. The session will clear all your doubts about spirituality and meditation.

Process :

  1. In order to register for the program you just have to e-mail on or message on WhatsApp (+91 638 777 0775) with 2 recent pictures for consultation and a brief explanation about your requirements for the online private yoga and consultation session.
  2. A time slot is given for the online class/session where you can get spiritual techniques and their demonstrations which also covers questions and answers with the facilitator.
  3. This will be a face-to-face session with the facilitator.

Duration :

  1. 1 day 1 hr session

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In-person private yoga & consultation

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