online meditation workshop

  • Aanurag Singh
  • March 18 2019
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online meditation workshop

This meditation workshop/course is based on our ancient text called Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, which consists of 112 different meditation techniques given by Lord Shiva himself. These are words of Lord Shiva spoken to Goddess Parvati.

Why should I take this program and what are the benefits ?

  1. Releases stress, anxiety, depression, anger and jealousy.
  2. Gives internal peace and happiness. (Bliss)
  3. Reduces excessive thought patterns of mind.
  4. Develops concentration.
  5. Eases Emotional Trauma
  6. Enhances memory and intelligence
  7. Connects one to the real self (soul).
  8. Gives you internal strength
  9. Makes you spiritual.

Who should take this program ?

  1. People working in a stressful environment and working in a place which requires total attention
  2. For housewives managing home and children.
  3. People who want to re-energize and refresh their brains after hard work conditions.
  4. People who are going through a lot of mental stress and depression and not able to manage the situation.
  5. People who want to enhance their memory and intelligence.
  6. Students with pressure of study.

How to take this program ?

  1. Send your 2 recent photos and mention why you want to take this program along with an e-mail address for communication. (Send either through e-mail/WhatsApp)
  2. The energies of your body is assessed distantly to find out the best meditation for you through intuition and crystal ball gazing. This meditation is chosen especially for your temperament.
  3. A time slot is given for online Face-to-Face Live session where demonstration of the suitable practices, consultation and meditation is advised through video chatting.
  4. A soft copy of the method of the prescribed meditation is also sent through an e-mail for references. You can continue practicing meditation at your own convenience.
  5. Payment is accepted online through online banking and PayPal.
  6. Once we receive your photos,constitution of your energy body is assessed after which 1 meditation is chosen out of approx. 40 different kinds of meditations which suits best to your personality. Along with this, 1 breathing technique (pranayama) and 2 gestures (mudras) are also suggested to an individual mostly taken from our original yogic texts without any modifications.
Note :

This is done by a spiritual therapist through intuition, energy reading and crystal ball gazing. Since the recommended meditation is not any random meditation but especially chosen for your energy constitution and temperament after checking the compatibility to your life energy, it works faster on you.

Duration :

  1. 1 day 1 hour live online session
  2. You can take this workshop/course individually or in a group.
  3. This program can be taken by being physically present in one to one session also.
    To take one-to-one session please follow this link.

One-to-one Session also available

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