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  • Aanurag Singh
  • March 18 2019
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Topics of Lecture

Topics of Lecture
Lecture and UnderstandingBody, conciousness and Pranic Energy (Life force energy, Dark energy and Higgs boson particle)
LectureYogic Food. Know what is yogic food and how it helps in our spiritual growth.
LectureOrigin of yoga and modern modifications.
Lecture and PracticalConciousness, Big Bang and Meditation
Lecture and PracticalMeditation, intuition and five bodies.
Lecture and PracticalBandha- Learn 4 kinds of yogic locks which helps raise our consciousness, energy and overall physical health.
Lecture and PracticalMudra- Certain yogic gestures to preserve our energy and give good health; Also help raise our meditative progress.
Lecture Kundalini - Understanding of energy and all 7 chakras.
Lecture and PracticalYoga and Types of Yoga
Introduction and PracticalLaya Yoga
Karma Yoga LectureKriya Yoga
Lecture and PracticalDuality, Oneness, nothingness, No Mind and Void.
LectureUrine Therapy
LectureChemical Food and its side effects.