Knowing the Self e-book

Title :

Knowing the Self

Author :

Aanurag Singh


  Knowing the Self

Knowing the Self

What’s inside the Book?

This book is a collection of thoughts spoken at different times. It is a unique book in a way that the concepts given in this book were spoken in a semi-meditative state, where mind has minimal influence on the words and concepts and the speaker is more of a medium between the words and the divine consciousness. This is called channeling. Most of the topics spoken were unknown to the speaker because the spoken words were the product of channeling. At times, the speaker got amazed that these words were spoken by himself.

Since most of the topics were channeled and gives insight in the path of realization, this book can be helpful to people on the path of Freedom and truth and wanting to go deeper into the understanding of divinity, Self and existence.

This may be a divine will for spiritual people who are on a spiritual journey but still have doubts on this path and to understand the ‘Self’.

How this book is helpful to me?

This book gives insight in Knowing the Self (soul) and also connects you to the higher Self (soul).

This could be a divine will for people who are on spiritual journey to Knowing the Self (soul) and still need more clarity on this path.

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